Rat Games Trial On July 18 in Severn, MD

From Jan at Superpup,LLC:

We are excited to be the first ever club to host a Rat Games trial on the East Coast!!! We will be running in the cooler air of the evening on July 18th and are starting with two games – Mad Hatter (10 rats on the course) and Tunnels (for the dogs that love their tunnels!). Each game is a point accrual game so there is no “level” to enter – you just keep entering and accruing points until you earn your next title.

If you want to join us, please go to www.ratgames.com and register your dog with a RG number (they have to track your points somehow!) and then, of course, read the rules and the game descriptions.

You can get the premium off of the Rat Games web site under the events calendar, or from my web site (www.superpup.site). And, as always, to enter you can either mail your entry in or enter via PayPal/credit card through the web site as you would for a typical trial here.

Hope you can make it! Questions? Contact me at 4superpups@gmail.com. Please don’t ask me to describe the games or define the rules, though. You really, really need to go to the web site to sign your dog up anyway so just read it all there.

More trials will be coming your way in the near future!
SuperPup, LLC