Judge Workshop Announced In Lancing, TN

Interested in becoming a Rat Games judge? The Judge Workshop is the fastest way to get to approved status. There will be 2 days of discussion and practice preparing you to either judge under a Supervising Judge or judging on your own as a Provisional Judge, based on experience.

You will learn about rules, philosophies, how to deal with issues, and much more. You will also gain some experience how the games are played, how they are judged, how they are scored, how titles are earned, etc.

After the two day workshop, there will be a two day trial on Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20.

<a href=”https://www.ratgames.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Rat-Games-Judges-Workshop-October-17-18-2019-at-RTMK9A.pdf”>Rat Games Judges Workshop October 17-18, 2019 at RTMK9A</a>