A new version of the rule book has been posted. Very little has changed and those changes are underscored. The Rule Advisories have been integrated into the new rule book. Information about Judge Workshops are also included. There are now requirements for clubs and judges to stay current. These requirements do not need to be met in 2019. Judges and clubs will be reviewed for compliance after the end of 2020.

Rat Games Rule Book

There will be a Judge Workshop at For The Love Of Dogs in Mendota Heights, MN on December 27 to December 28. On December 29, there will be practice runs for the new judges to gain some experience. If you are interested in seeing what the games are about, we are looking for dogs to do practice runs after lunch on December 27 and all day on December 28-29. Please contact us at wearemorefun@ratgames.com if you are interested in coming out to practice.

If you are interested in becoming a judge, a judge workshop is the fastest way to becoming fully approved. Contact us at wearemorefun@ratgames.com for more information.

Interested in becoming a Rat Games judge? The Judge Workshop is the fastest way to get to approved status. There will be 2 days of discussion and practice preparing you to either judge under a Supervising Judge or judging on your own as a Provisional Judge, based on experience.

You will learn about rules, philosophies, how to deal with issues, and much more. You will also gain some experience how the games are played, how they are judged, how they are scored, how titles are earned, etc.

After the two day workshop, there will be a two day trial on Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20.

<a href=”https://www.ratgames.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Rat-Games-Judges-Workshop-October-17-18-2019-at-RTMK9A.pdf”>Rat Games Judges Workshop October 17-18, 2019 at RTMK9A</a>

Is your dog aging or does he have a permanent and stable injury? If so, you are eligible to enter VETERAN class of any game where a tunnel is not a required element. Veteran class has all the rats but they are all hidden no more than one bale high or one bale in from the edge of a structure. This is a great division for the dog that still loves to play but is a bit wobbly on their feet.

From Jan at Superpup,LLC:

We are excited to be the first ever club to host a Rat Games trial on the East Coast!!! We will be running in the cooler air of the evening on July 18th and are starting with two games – Mad Hatter (10 rats on the course) and Tunnels (for the dogs that love their tunnels!). Each game is a point accrual game so there is no “level” to enter – you just keep entering and accruing points until you earn your next title.

If you want to join us, please go to www.ratgames.com and register your dog with a RG number (they have to track your points somehow!) and then, of course, read the rules and the game descriptions.

You can get the premium off of the Rat Games web site under the events calendar, or from my web site (www.superpup.site). And, as always, to enter you can either mail your entry in or enter via PayPal/credit card through the web site as you would for a typical trial here.

Hope you can make it! Questions? Contact me at 4superpups@gmail.com. Please don’t ask me to describe the games or define the rules, though. You really, really need to go to the web site to sign your dog up anyway so just read it all there.

More trials will be coming your way in the near future!
SuperPup, LLC

Dog Sports America will be hosting a 2 day, 2 ring Rat Games Trials at Matrix Dog, LLC in Westminster, CO on July 6-7, 2019.  Pre-entries are open now and close July 1, 2019. After July 1, 2019, All entries are Late/Day-of-Show. Online entry is available below.

Games offered are:

Saturday Sunday

Heads Or Tails
Bet The Farm
Me First


Mad Hatter

Doors will open at approximately 7:30AM each day.  Briefings will be at 8:30.  The first game to begin immediately after the briefing.


All games are $20/run for pre-entry.  Discounts are available as per the entry below. Day of show rates are $25/run if space is available.


Our judge will be Bill Pitts from Littleton, CO (RGJ-005).  One ring will run Games, the other will run Courses.  The club reserves the right to add/allocate judges to classes to improve the efficiency of the trial day.  Beginner and Novice will be held open to allow dogs competing in the in-conjuction event to compete.

Our Trial Secretary will be John Fisher from Reno, NV.  He can be reached at john@dogsportsamerica.com or (775)600-2912.

Ribbons and Awards

All qualifying runs receive a green qualifying run ribbon.

New titles will receive a title ribbon.


The blind will be 10’x20’ with ring gate dividers.  Blinds will be a maximum of 5 dogs.

Notice to Exhibitors

I. It is expressly understood that exhibitors alone are responsible for the behavior of their dogs, children and/or guests. Any exhibitor whose dogs, children, and/or guests repeatedly engage in unsafe or disruptive behavior may, at the discretion of DSA, be asked to leave the trial site. In such case, no refund on any entry will be made.

II. Venue

a. The trial will be held indoors on mats.

b. No Ex-Pens are permitted on the mats.  All crates must have a protective cover underneath them.

III. Entries

a. Withdrawal of entry before the closing date will receive a refund less a 10% processing fee. No refunds will be made for withdrawal after the closing date. Entry fees will not be refunded in the event that a dog is absent, disqualified, excused, or barred from competition by action of the Hearing Committee.

b. All entries must be accompanied by entry fees to be valid. A returned check does not constitute a valid entry. There will be a $50 fee for all returned checks.

c. Exhibitors are responsible for complete, accurate, and legible information on their entry forms.

d. Every attempt will be made to hold this event as scheduled. In the event of an “Act of God” such as fire, flood, etc., an event may be canceled. We will make every attempt to contact entrants and inform them of the cancellation. We will return all or part of the entry fees at our discretion.

IV. Dogs

a. All dogs must be on leash and under control while on trial grounds except while showing. FLEXI LEASHES ARE NOT PERMITTED at the show site. Electric collars ARE NOT PERMITTED at the show site.

b. Bitches in season are able to compete in Rat Games. They will be run at the end of each class. Bitches in season must wear pants. If bringing a bitch in season, please inform the trial secretary prior to the trial, and inform all exhibitors at the judge’s briefing. A separate potty area will be provided. No refunds will be issued for a BIS.

c. Disruptive dogs will have to be crated separately.

V. People

a. Please pick up after your dog and dispose of waste in appropriate containers. Please clean up after yourself.

Proposed: 10/23/2018

Committee Approved: 10/28/2018

Board Approved: 6/4/2019

Effective: 7/1/2019


Competitors looking for a path to get beginner dogs competing in to Games; Experienced dog/handler teams looking for an environment more familiar to their experiences that would still allow them to compete.

Rule Change:

Implement Courses to compliment Games.  The below is incorporated into the current rulebook effective July 1, 2019.


General Course Rules


All courses use the same size ring of  575 to 750 square feet (approximately 24′ x 24′ to 25′ x 30′). Rings can be any shape as long as they comply with the square footage requirement.


Course Time 1:00

Live Tubes: 1

Bedding Tubes: 2

Tunnel Structure: Simple Straight (approximately 5′ overhead)

Bale Height: 2

Start Box: Directly in front of tunnel within 1 foot of the vertical tunnel bales.

Three tubes will be placed in a fixture at the end of a simple straight tunnel structure. The start box is placed directly in front of the tunnel with a fixture constructed to hold three tubes securely at least two feet away, but not more than four feet, on the opposite end of the tunnel. A qualifying score is the when the handler correctly identifies the live rat tube before time runs out. A tunnel not required for this class.

Beginning Courses uses Novice Course design of the primary course judge.


Course Time 2:00

Live Tubes: 1

Bedding Tubes: 2

Tunnel Structure: Simple Straight (approximately 5′ overhead) 

Bale Height: 2

Bales on Course: 20-30

Start Box: Directly in front of tunnel within 5 feet of the tunnel opening.

Three tubes are hidden anywhere on course.  Time starts when the dog or handler exits the start box. Time stops when the both elements are completed (dog has tunneled and handler has declared  rat).

Novice Course Requirements: 

6 bale configuration for tunnel (two straight sides of two bales with two bales on top), 

At least two locations, two bales high consisting of at least 9 contiguous sq. ft. per location.

Room for fixture 24” from end of tunnel (fixture removed for Novice class)


Course Time 2:30

Live Tubes: 2

Bedding Tubes: 3

Tunnel Structure: 1 turn

Bale Height: 2. At least three locations, two bales high consisting of at least 9 contiguous sq ft. per location.

Bales on Course: 25-45

Start Box: Anywhere on course 

At least one rat must be elevated.


Course Time 3:45

Live Tubes: 4

Bedding Tubes: 4

Tunnel Structure: 2-3 turns

Bale Height: 3. At least one location, three bales high consisting of at least 9 contiguous sq ft.

Bales on Course: 35-60

Start Box: Anywhere on course 


Course Time 4:30

Live Tubes: 1-5

Bedding Tubes: 3-7

Tunnel Structure: 3 to 6 turns

Bale Height: 3. At least two locations, three bales high consisting of at least 9 contiguous sq ft.

Bales On Course: 35-60

Start Box: Anywhere on course

There are 8 tubes on course for each run, with 1 to 5 rats or live tubes randomly drawn by the Judge.

Time stops when all elements are completed (dog has tunneled, found all rats on course, and the handler has identified the course as “finished” or “clear”, in any order).


Uses the same rules as Expert except hides are “no hides barred” and the number of rats will be 1 to 6.  The number of bedding tubes will be 2 to 7.


The Veteran division is for older dogs that can no longer climb structures or tunnel. Handlers shall self-identify their dog as a veteran to move to the veteran division.

All hides are on ground level or one level up and no more than 1 bale in from the perimeter of the structure (with the intent of the dog not having to climb). The tunnel is not required. A Veteran division shall be offered for each Class, in each Trial, except the Beginner Class.  Veteran Class may be offered as a Veteran only blind as part of the regular class in their own blind.  Veteran results are reported separately and not combined with the regular class for placements.


Once the required qualifying legs are received for a title in a division, move-ups to the next division must be available “day-to-day”. A competitor may stay in the division if they feel their dog is not ready to advance. 

Clubs must allow move-ups from previous events if the dog titled at that previous event. 

  1. If offering courses, the club must offer all courses from Beginner through Champion, including Veteran.
  2. Single course class trials shall only be held on the day proceeding or the day after a minimum two day trial in which all courses from Beginner through Champion are offered on both days.
  3. Class order is up to the club. Move ups from a previous event or another club must be permitted. Move ups within a trial are not required but recommended.

Course Titles

Rat Games Beginner  (RG-B) requires a single qualifying run.  No previous title is required.

Rat Games Novice (RG-N) requires three qualifying runs.  No previous title is required.

Rat Games Intermediate (RG-I) requires three qualifying runs.  Successful completion of Rat Games Novice is also required.

Rat Games Advanced (RG-A) requires three qualifying runs.  Successful completion of Rat Games Intermediate is also required.

Rat Games Expert (RG-E) requires five qualifying runs under two different judges and two different clubs.  Successful completion of Rat Games Advanced is also required.  You may not begin your Rat Games Expert title until you have attained your Rat Games Advanced title.

Rat Games Champion (RGCh) requires 10 additional expert qualifying runs under two different judges and two different clubs. RGChX is an additional 10 qualifying runs under two different judges and two different clubs.  Each additional 10 qualifying runs under two different judges and two different clubs increments an additional digit to the end of the RGCh (i.e. RGChX2, RGChX3…)