Down The Leash will be holding 3 half day Rat Games trials on April 26-28, 2019.  The following is from their release:

We are very pleased to announce that Down the Leash has been approved to hold their first three Rat Games trials, and we are very excited. I think this is going to be LOTS of FUN! We really hope you can join us!

We will be holding 3- 1/2 day trials (4 hours per day) with a different game each day. April games will be: TUNNELS, ME FIRST!, and BET THE FARM. Please see the event and/or premium for location, judging schedule, description of games, and other details, and of course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.

Why only one game per day?
Put simply, better time management while getting our feet wet–more runs, fewer builds. One game means one course build and more chances to play. We may try multiple trials in a single day, or multiple games in a single day, but we’re gonna start small and see how it goes.

Pay close attention to the schedule of events as we will be filling in the rest of each day with CGC, CGCA, Trick Dog, and UKC SPOT testing.

Congratulations to all who participated. The Top 10 after Round 2 are as follows:

  1. Dewey and Cindy with 73 points
  2. Malcolm and Sherry with 68 points
  3. Rascal and Lindy with 61 points
  4. Ripley and Heather with 58 points
  5. Beau and Judy with 56 points
  6. Cooper and Gretchen with 49 points
  7. Listo and Joe with 48 points
  8. Sally and Marybeth with 46 points
  9. Fiona and Gretchen with 45 points
  10. Lucy and Megan with 44 points

The full points tally is in the attached PDF.

RG League Results R2

Dog Sports America will be hosting a 4 day Rat Games Tournament at Matrix Dog, LLC in Westminster, CO from March 22 through 25, 2019.  Entries are open now and close March 12, 2019. Online entry is available below.

Games offered are:

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday
Mad Hatter
Me First
Heads Or Tails
Bet The Farm
Mad Hatter
Me First
Heads Or Tails
Bet The Farm

Doors will open at approximately 7:30AM each day.  Briefings will be at 8:30.  The first game to begin immediately after the briefing.


All games are $20/run for pre-entry.  Discounts are available as per the entry below. Day of show rates are $25/run if space is available.


Our judge will be Erin McDaniel from Dayton, OH (RGJ-017). Should entries support it, we will add a second ring and judge.

Our Trial Secretary will be John Fisher from Reno, NV.  He can be reached at or (775)600-2912.

Ribbons and Awards

All qualifying runs receive a green qualifying run ribbon.

New titles will receive a title ribbon.

A portion of the entry fees from Distance, Speed, Mad Hatter, Bet The Farm, Heads Or Tails, and Tunnels will be put into a prize pool to be divided amongst the top three dogs with the most cumulative points in those four games.  Your highest score in each game will be counted in the pool.


The blind will be 10’x20’ with ring gate dividers.  Blinds will be a maximum of 5 dogs.

Notice to Exhibitors 

I. It is expressly understood that exhibitors alone are responsible for the behavior of their dogs, children and/or guests. Any exhibitor whose dogs, children, and/or guests repeatedly engage in unsafe or disruptive behavior may, at the discretion of DSA, be asked to leave the trial site. In such case, no refund on any entry will be made. 

II. Venue 

a. The trial will be held indoors on mats.

b. No Ex-Pens are permitted on the mats.  All crates must have a protective cover underneath them.

III. Entries 

a. Withdrawal of entry before the closing date will receive a refund less a 10% processing fee. No refunds will be made for withdrawal after the closing date. Entry fees will not be refunded in the event that a dog is absent, disqualified, excused, or barred from competition by action of the Hearing Committee. 

b. All entries must be accompanied by entry fees to be valid. A returned check does not constitute a valid entry. There will be a $50 fee for all returned checks. 

c. Exhibitors are responsible for complete, accurate, and legible information on their entry forms. 

d. Every attempt will be made to hold this event as scheduled. In the event of an “Act of God” such as fire, flood, etc., an event may be canceled. We will make every attempt to contact entrants and inform them of the cancellation. We will return all or part of the entry fees at our discretion. 

IV. Dogs 

a. All dogs must be on leash and under control while on trial grounds except while showing. FLEXI LEASHES ARE NOT PERMITTED at the show site. Electric collars ARE NOT PERMITTED at the show site. 

b. Bitches in season MAY compete in Rat Games. They will be run at the end of each class. Bitches in season must wear pants. If bringing a bitch in season, please inform the trial secretary prior to the trial, and inform all exhibitors at the judge’s briefing. A separate potty area will be provided.

c. Disruptive dogs will have to be crated separately. 

V. People 

a. Please pick up after your dog and dispose of waste in appropriate containers. Please clean up after yourself. 

Results are compiled for the first round of Rat Games league.  CongRATS to all!  A special congRATS to those who are brand new to the games and did so well their first time playing.  The top 3 newbies were Piper and Summer, Nikki & Lisa, and Elliot and Jennifer.


reg_name Breed R1(Heads Or Tails) R1(Mad Hatter) score time
Starswept No Zip Code Required Australian Shepherd 24 17 41 69.07
Trilogy’s Maybe It’s a Sure Thing Australian Shepherd 24 17 41 70.01
Ripley’s Believe It or Not Border Collie 24 13 37 76.00
Serenity’s Big Damn Hero Belgian Malinois 24 11 35 105.00
Wendtworth Still Up In The Air Pembroke Corgi 24 9 33 69.10
Listo Mixed 24 9 33 88.34
Lea’s Raisin’ A Ruckus Giant Schnauzer 24 9 33 91.16
Just-a-wyn’s Bullitt Mustang Boxer 24 9 33 112.08
Gullvivebackens Cajsa Dot Matrix Danish-Swedish Farmdog 20 13 33 120.00
My Fair Lass Fiona Border Collie 20 13 33 120.00
Dew Bear With Me Golden Retriever 24 7 31 95.90
Sally Elizabeth Fantastic Mix 24 7 31 115.03
Owen McScruffins Westie 16 15 31 120.00
Danny Boy’s Lucky Cooper Border Collie 16 15 31 120.00
Luke of Pembroke Knost Pembroke Corgi 16 11 27 120.00
Marquis N Cwest A Diva’s Fairytail Australian Cattle Dog 16 9 25 120.00
Millstone’s sailing with Pink Labrador retriever 12 13 25 120.00
Doreve’s Just Reeta Mae Schipperke 24 24 77.01
Katandy’s Icing On The Cake Boxer 12 11 23 120.00
Riva All American 16 7 23 120.00
Megabucks Loose Slots Jackpot Australian Shepherd 12 11 23 120.00
Beauzoe Of Horsepower Ranch Mix 20 0 20 120.00
WindnSatin Floating on Ayr Silken Windhound 20 0 20 120.00
Add In Up At Bar One Westie 12 7 19 120.00
Baby Brother Ben Golden Retriever 11 8 19 120.00
Black Magic of Eromit Labrador Retriever 17 17 120.00
Jiffy Border Collie 16 16 120.00
Chase Tony Jetstan Poodle 15 15 120.00
Loup Noir Jasper Belgian Malinois 15 15 120.00
Ursus Prime Choice Aonghus German Shepherd 8 7 15 120.00
Ellsworth Mixed 12 2 14 120.00
GRANDCRU’s TiAmo Logotto Romagnolo 12 2 14 120.00
Rascal Mixed 0 13 13 120.00
Franklin’z Have A Good Day ‘Z’ Bloodhound 12 12 120.00
DoChara’s Postcard from Paris Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 11 11 120.00
Schaeper’s Macintosh Collie 9 9 120.00
Finn Red Heeler 8 0 8 105.00
Mystic’s Rumor Has It Doberman 6 6 120.00
Austin All American 5 5 120.00
Zeus Mix 4 1 5 120.00
Lucy Border Collie 0 5 5 120.00
Ruby Mixed 0 3 3 0.00
Seneca Peppermint Pattie Airedale Terrier 0 3 3
Cosmo Your Wish IS My Command All American 1 1 120.00
Winnie All American 0 0 0
Echo Run Heads Up Beagle 0 0
Chaparral’s Just Fly Fast Pyrenean Shepherd 0 0 0

Midwest Underground Rat Games Club (S.E. Indiana)
March 9th, 2019
One day, one game: Mad Hatter
Judge: Erin McDaniel
Trial Sec: Chris Puls

There will be placement ribbons awarded at the end of the event and the club can mail (or hold) the ribbons to (for) the winners. Everyone that competes and qualifies can earn points toward their title.

Premium available here.

Andrea “Onnie” Scantlebury of Frankfort, KY is the latest judge to join the Rat Games family. Onnie has been involved in rat hunting sports for a relatively short time but has made herself indispensable to her club in that time. When her club looked at adding Rat Games, Onnie was their natural choice to recommend as a judge for the sport. Onnie, we congratulate and welcome you!

Proposed: 12/16/2018

Committee Approved: 12/30/2018

Board Approved: 1/7/2019

Effective: 1/10/2019


It is currently unsafe to build a second level tunnel in Tunnels because there is no way to secure tunnel boards.

Rule change/clarification:

A third layer of bales may be used for the sole purpose of securing boards for a second layer tunnel. Proper, safe step downs must still be present for this optional layer.

A second layer tunnel shall add one additional point. (i.e. a two turn tunnel on the first level is 3 points, on the second level, it is worth 4 points)

There must be at least one tunnel scoring one point.

Rat Games would like to welcome our newest club, Down The Leash, LLC in Berry, KY. We look forward to some fun events from Kentucky.

Also, LeighAnn Figurelli has been provisionally approved as both a Trial Secretary and Judge.

Welcome to the Rat Games family!