Preliminary top dogs of the 48 that participated are:

  1. Mach Jesse CGC THDA CA CDX SWA RatS MXB MJB T2B (All American) with 106 points
  2. Rascal (mixed) with 101 points
  3. Norwood’s I’ve Got Ewe Under My Skin (Border Collie) with 99 points
  4. Bashful Spooner with 84 points (tie broken by times)
  5. The Incredibly Loyal, Hulking & Smashing Good Time with 84 points

Below are the preliminary Rat Games 2022 Winter League results raw data:


2022 Winter League Results

Pictured is the 2021 Fall league Champion, Miklins Gustav Bernard, Gus, owned by Daniella Terry.

Below are the final results for the 2021 Rat Games Fall League:


2021 Fall League Results


Congratulations to Lindy & Rascal on being the “Top Dog” for 2021 Spring League!

Pictured – Rascal (left) 2021 Spring League Winner & Spencer (right) 2021 Winter League Winner


Below are the results. Let us know if you see any errors!

2021 Spring League Results

Congratulations All!!!


With Rat Games Winter League underway, below are the results. They are real time! You can click on the header to sort columns. The footer allows you to filter the data.

2021 Winter League Results

Rat Games League play is coming up again!! We are planning a couple of league tournaments in 2021. The current plan is a Winter League in January and February and a Spring League in March and April.

For those that have not participated, the clubs are provided a packet with maps and hides and any judge can judge, regardless of level. There is a 2 week period to complete 2 games. This happens three times for a total of six games over 6 weeks. The club can do a game a week, both games on the same day, multiple times in the two weeks, etc. It is completely up to the club as long as they run within the timeframe.

If you, have interest in hosting either, or both, Winter and Spring League, let us know as we are trying to set dates.

If you are a judge and are interested in creating maps or hides for these events, let us know because we want to get judges hired very soon.

If you are interested in becoming a club or judge, go to the website at and apply to be a club or judge. There is still time before the league begins!